360 Internet Security 4.9.0

Don't take the risk of gambling by surfing the Internet without this security program

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Keep your computer safe from viruses, malware and other dangers you encounter online with 360 Total Security, which is an anti-virus software that protects against a wide range of potential threats. You can turn the program on to keep an eye out for all potential threats, or you can turn on the program and run it whenever you would like.

Potential threats are around every corner of today's online world. Even the sites that you visit daily can install harmful viruses to your computer because hackers took over that site. You also risk installing viruses each time that you download a file, including a new song or a simple game. Though your web browser may block your access to some potentially dangerous sites, you need anti-virus software like 360 Total Security to keep your computer protected.

When you open 360 Total Security, you can choose between several options. The first is a full scan. When you select the full scan option, the program will run a complete scan that looks over all files on your computer, including those attached to your operating system and hidden files on your hard drive. It then shows you what files you can safely delete and gives you a list of all potential threats it found.

In addition to a full scan, you can also run a quick scan or a custom scan. The quick scan option is best for those days when you want to run a full scan but have limited time. A quick scan can still reveal some of the viruses and malware found on your computer. With a custom scan, you let the program know what files you want to search through and let the program check those files for you.

If you only care about viruses, 360 Total Security lets you run a virus scan. This will scan those files and specifically look for viruses instead of other types of software. It shows you the last time that you ran a scan, too, which gives you an idea of when you should run a new scan. The program gives you different options regarding what you can do with infected files, including moving those files to a quarantined folder, trying to clean those files or deleting those files from your computer.

Two other useful features include a speed up option and a clean-up option. The clean-up option looks over your computer to see which files you use regularly and which files you rarely use. It gives you a list of files that you can delete and shows you how you can optimize other files and programs. Make sure that you pay attention before deleting or changing those files. There is a risk that the program may recommend that you delete files that are part of your operating system or part of other programs that you run.

The 360 Total Security suite includes the speed up feature to increase the processing speed of your computer. If you have limited space on your hard drive to save programs and files, as you download more things, your computer will naturally run a little slower. After doing a speed up scan, the program will let you know what you can do to both optimize your computer and get your computer running faster.

You will see a tool box icon on the bottom left-hand of the screen after opening this program. Clicking on it takes you to a page that shows you some of the extra features you can use. System backup cleaner helps you create a new backup of your computer and deletes your previous backup. Patch Up lets you search for patches for some of your favorite programs. You can even check out some of the new tools that the software may add in the future and vote on which one you like the best.

With it is included the virtual Sandbox, which you can check out potentially dangerous programs before using those programs on your computer. The virtual Sandbox lets you click a button and load a new program. The 360 Total Software suite will then scan that program for viruses and threats and let you run a portion of that program to try it out for yourself. The bottom of the page shows you the amount of space used by the virtual Sandbox and features a clean-up button that lets you delete the files saved in the Sandbox.

Doing a simple scan will identify all possible threats found on your system. The program shows you where it found that threat, the date that it identified the threat and the size of each one. This makes it easy to identify possible threats and remove those threats to keep your computer safe.

This program can even clean up the junk files found on your system, including files created when you watch videos or listen to music online. With 360 Total Security, you can keep an eye out for viruses and potential threats that you encounter online and those you accidentally download to your computer. You can also run scans to identify and delete all those files in the future.


  • Comes with a clean setting that can identify and remove unnecessary files
  • Its speed up feature helps increase the speed of your computer
  • The simple interface is easy for anyone to use
  • Lets you do a full check of all potentially dangerous files on your system
  • Has a virus scan setting that scans all files for potential threats


  • The basic version takes up a lot of hard drive space
  • Turning on all features will take up even more space
  • May not protect against the newest and latest threats without upgrading
  • Can identify necessary files and programs as potential threats
  • Will sometimes suggest you delete files that you use regularly to speed up your computer

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